The Communications Team facilitates communications across the various church ministries, providing coordination and assistance as needed to activate and support communications channels within the church, place announcements in outside publications, and facilitate communications generally. Communications Coordinator, Frank Kleen, 757-373-2277.


The Communications team publishes a bi-weekly newsletter that is emailed to church members who are subscribers. This newsletter is also posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and on the News/Events page of the church website.


How to submit items to the newsletter:


Email your announcements for publication in the newsletter to Lynn Argabrite, Office Manager,

Make your announcement or article brief but clear. Put essential information in the beginning of your announcement; longer articles are less likely to be read in detail.

Your announcement should include basic information:

  • Who – identify person or small group making the announcement and who are the intended readers
  • When – Date and time (planned start, planned finish) of the event
  • What – A brief description of what did or will happen
  • Where – Location of the event including room numbers if at CUMC
  • Why – If necessary, describe why the event is or did occur, particularly if the event supports new or not well-known initiatives, groups, or causes
  • Points of Contact & links – Be sure to include a point of contact (name and phone number, e-mail address, or internet link URL) if readers need to sign-up, get more information, or take other actions.
  • Publication window – as necessary, provide a range of dates when your announcement should run. Generally, announcements will not run for more than a week unless instructions to the contrary are indicated.
  • Graphics – Submit PNG, JPG, or GIF files for pictures and graphics. Image width should not exceed 564 pixels. Pictures of children (minors) should not be submitted without parental permission. Contact the church office for further guidance on our child protection policy.


Communications Team

Frank Kleen, Tel: (757) 373-2277

Debi Lupton, Tel: (757) 641-2221