The Communications Team facilitates communications across the various church ministries, providing coordination and assistance as needed to activate and support communications channels within the church, place announcements in outside publications, and facilitate communications generally. 


The Communications team publishes a bi-weekly newsletter that is emailed to church members who are subscribers. This newsletter is also posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and on the church website. Certain announcements are posted on the website. Announcements can also be published in the church bulletin. 


How to submit items for communication:  Fill out the Announcement Request Form on the website.


Newsletter Team

Frank Kleen, Tel: (757) 373-2277

Debi Lupton, Tel: (757) 474-1328

Website Team: email

Pastor Teresa Woodworth

Annamarie Haskell, Office Manager

Ryan Stites, Media and Communications

Terry Austin

David Collins