Faith in Our Future

"Faith In Our Future" is a 36-month capital campaign to raise $500,000 for the replacement of heating and air conditioning systems in both the sanctuary and classroom buildings, including planning and construction documents. These long awaited improvements will create a more inviting and comfortable worship and learning experience and will also position our church to expand ministry and mission opportunities to the community in the years ahead.



Please be in prayer each day at 3:20:

We thank you Lord, for your Word, assurance, and knowledge of blessings received. We ask for your continued guidance to increase and provide an inviting environment that nurtures missions and offers a future with hope for all.

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Tracking Our Progress!

Goal - $500,000

Pledged To Date - $434,489

Percentage Pledged - 87%

Number of Pledges - 73

What exactly is the campaign designed to accomplish?

The campaign is designed to set up a fully funded capital account for significant HVAC repairs & replacements and a contingency fund for unforeseen repairs.

How will the congregation and community benefit from the proposed improvements?

We will have a facility that will provide a comfortable space for worship and missional needs.

I heard that it may take as much as $2,500,000 to make all the improvements needed. Why are we seeking only $500,000 in this campaign?

The committee assessed our congregation’s giving trends and realized $500,000 would be an attainable goal. We recognize this will start us off on the right foot to accomplish many urgent repairs and will require a follow-up phase to address other needs.

When was the last campaign and how was the money used?

The last campaign was in the mid-2000s to pay for social hall and office spaces.

What is the current mortgage debt and how is it being paid?

We retired the mortage in 2019 but we are paying down a $50,000 Line of Credit taken out in 2022 to help cover the remaining cost of the roof.

Why are we having a campaign now in the midst of an uncertain economy?

The needs are now. We have inefficient HVAC systems well past their useful life requiring regular expensive repairs and service. We project a 20% savings in utility costs with new efficient and electronically integrated HVAC systems.

Will this campaign affect our yearly ministry budget?

The capital campaign is designed to minimize the ongoing spending freezes that negatively impact our operational budget.

Have we considered getting a mortgage loan and using the campaign to retire the debt?

The congregation worked hard to pay off our last mortgage and we would like to honor that sacrifice by avoiding a new mortgage.

How do we plan to address our kitchen needs?

Most of the kitchen appliances remain serviceable and we will have a separate fundraiser on June 10, 2023, to take care of those appliances that need replacement in the near term.