The Leadership Team at Community UMC

Who is on the Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team consists of nine church members who are selected to serve in three year cycles on a rotating basis. Candidates are chosen by the Nominations Committee, and are interviewed for the position by a team consisting of current leaders, pastor, and members of the Nominations Committee. Qualities in a leadership candidate should include spiritual maturity, humility, an attitude of service, and a strong desire to seek and follow the will of God's through prayer, study of God's Word, and fellowship. Once selected for the Leadership Team, leaders are expected to attend a regular monthly meeting (no more than 90 minutes), and should be willing to respond to urgent matters between meetings via text or email.  

Responsibilities of the the Leadership Team

The Leadership team works together to discern God's will and develop a vision for the present and future direction of Community United Methodist church. The Leadership team establishes the policies and procedures by which the work of the church is accomplished. The various ministry teams within the church body are led by Ministry Coordinators who report monthly to the Leadership team. Coordinators are responsible for their own area of ministry, including program planning, managing volunteers, and use of allocated funds. The Leadership team ensures that all of the Ministries with the church are working together toward the same vision for the church. The Leadership team represents the requisite United Methodist Conference reporting committees: Pastor Parish Relations, Trustees, and Finance. 

Communicating with the Leadership Team

Issues or concerns about any area of church life should be addressed directly with the ministry area Coordinator (see the Contact Us page). If necessary, the Ministry Coordinator will then bring these concerns to the Leadership Team. If an issue cannot be resolved through this channel, there is a form for the submission of concerns to the Leadership Team on the "Forms and Documents" page under "Resources."